EDEN wish to thank a wonderful audience for coming to our first European show last week at WGT, Leipzig.  We enjoyed meeting new and old fans and to hear how much people enjoyed our performance. Meeting supporters so very emotionally invested in our music made us feel very privileged and thankful that we were invited to play at WGT 2017.

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Pre-sales of ‘The Edge of Winter’ have opened and we’ve had a large number of requests for signed copies. Sean Bowley is happy to autograph the first 50 CD’s sold. To request an autographed copy please send a message in the ‘message the band’ field during Bandcamp checkout. Specify if you would like an autograph on the front or inside cover. For those who have already purchased just message us if would you like yours signed before shipping.  To secure your signed copy visit EDEN on Bandcamp.


Pre-release sales of EDEN’s long awaited full length album ‘The Edge of Winter’ will commence the evening of 4th May 2017 on Bandcamp.   Pre-release CD sales will feature an additional two bonus tracks in addition to the generous ten track digital download version, adding a tantalising incentive to long term EDEN fans and collectors wishing to be amongst the first to secure the full CD version.  Immediate pre-release download  is available for two tracks including the album single ‘Death of a Diamond’.

The Edge of Winter’, recorded by Adam Calaitzis at Melbourne’s Toyland Studios, marks a significant milestone in the career of Melbourne-based band EDEN and frontsman Sean Bowley.  EDEN’s first full length album in two decades and the eighth release in a discography spanning three decades, ‘The Edge of Winter’  delivers on the promise of the distinctively diverse,uniquely sumptuous sonic palette EDEN has long been known for, spanning darkwave, neo-psychedelic and ethereal genres and featuring the reknown sublime eastern-tinged baritone vocals of Sean Bowley.

‘The Edge of Winter’  features twelve tracks and over an hour of new EDEN material.  The album launch will take place on 4th June 2017 at Schauspielhaus, Leipzig in conjunction with EDEN’s debut european performance at WGT’.

ALTVENGER Magazine 10 February 2017:

‘The coming WGT program will again include hidden treasures whose names are maybe not known to everybody, but which will surely perform outstanding concerts. Take a closer look into the program and to listen to sample tracks of the artists you don’t know.  Amongst the lesser known, yet interesting bands and artists which will play at the WGT 2017 is EDEN.  Eldergoths may remember the US label “Projekt” as the Wavers and Romantics who in cooperation with their German colleagues, Hyperium, consistently produced fantastic releases of bands like Lycia, Love Spirals Downwards, and Black Tape For A Blue Girl in the 90s. The cutting edge of the Projekt program was a band called EDEN. Their mini-album “Healingbow” (1993), recorded with Pieter Bourke, who would later work with Lisa Gerrard, remains one of the milestones of the genre.  Friends of Dead Can Dance or the above listed Projekt bands should listen up here, because after their recent reconfiguration, Eden is now coming to Europe for the first time.’  

EDEN play the Schauspiel, Leipzig at WGT 2017 on June 4.



LINK: https://edenseanbowley.bandcamp.com/album/fire-and-rain

In response to repeated requests from our supporters, EDEN are delighted to announce this evening the official re-release of their classic 1995 LP ‘Fire and Rain’ on Bandcamp. The third album release in EDEN’s discography, ’Fire and Rain’ delivered further on the dark and richly atmospheric sounds of previous EDEN releases ‘Healingbow’ and ‘Gateway to the Mysteries’ whilst simultaneously elevating the band into a sphere described by Legends Magazine as ‘dark and richly atmospheric – set of songs concerning the disappointment of love gone wrong. Reminiscent of ‘The Crow’ soundtrack yet uniquely EDEN, Fire & Rain demonstrates the band should not be categorised for any one sound prevalent within the Goth movement… as they have mastered them all’. Haunting eastern tinged instrumentals combine with classic ballads spearheaded by ‘The Darkness in Me’ – a track subsequently performed live on Australian Countdown Revolution. AllMusic reviews describe the album as ‘a less eclectic but no less intriguing sonic palette, extending the goth/psych tendencies of Bowley’s particular muse to their logical conclusions. Bowley’s singing remains a definite high point of the group, passionate and evocative, his electric guitar work striking’.
EDEN have become aware in recent weeks that demand for previous albums has resulted in a slew of unauthorised digital copies appearing via YouTube and other unofficial channels who are selling EDEN work in violation of artist copyright. Whilst dealing with this internally we felt it fair to our supporters to offer a genuine means of purchasing EDEN material. All sale funds will be channelled into production of the new album to be released in June 2017.
IN THANKS for your support the digital release includes the studio recording of a track written for, but not included, on the original. ‘Darkening Skies’ briefly appeared on the rare sought after limited edition album ‘Earthbound’ but has remained unavailable until this day.Eden re-formed and commenced performances in Australia in 2015. In January 2017 the band enter the recording studio once more to record an LP of new material scheduled for release in June 2017 at Wave Gotik Treffen, Leipzig. Re-release of a selection of the Eden discography is also scheduled for 2017.

According to the official website, as of yesterday 32 bands including EDEN have been locked in for the WGT Festival in Leipzig this June.  EDEN will join an impressive lineup in Leipzig, Germany in June 2017 to play the world’s largest goth festival.  The EDEN set list will include material from their new LP which will be launched at the festival as part of their German tour.

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