‘THE EDGE OF WINTER’ IS NEARLY HERE… long-awaited album pre-sales open 4 May


Pre-release sales of EDEN’s long awaited full length album ‘The Edge of Winter’ will commence the evening of 4th May 2017 on Bandcamp.   Pre-release CD sales will feature an additional two bonus tracks in addition to the generous ten track digital download version, adding a tantalising incentive to long term EDEN fans and collectors wishing to be amongst the first to secure the full CD version.  Immediate pre-release download  is available for two tracks including the album single ‘Death of a Diamond’.

The Edge of Winter’, recorded by Adam Calaitzis at Melbourne’s Toyland Studios, marks a significant milestone in the career of Melbourne-based band EDEN and frontsman Sean Bowley.  EDEN’s first full length album in two decades and the eighth release in a discography spanning three decades, ‘The Edge of Winter’  delivers on the promise of the distinctively diverse,uniquely sumptuous sonic palette EDEN has long been known for, spanning darkwave, neo-psychedelic and ethereal genres and featuring the reknown sublime eastern-tinged baritone vocals of Sean Bowley.

‘The Edge of Winter’  features twelve tracks and over an hour of new EDEN material.  The album launch will take place on 4th June 2017 at Schauspielhaus, Leipzig in conjunction with EDEN’s debut european performance at WGT’.

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