In response to repeated requests from our supporters, EDEN are delighted to announce this evening the official re-release of their classic 1995 LP ‘Fire and Rain’ on Bandcamp. The third album release in EDEN’s discography, ’Fire and Rain’ delivered further on the dark and richly atmospheric sounds of previous EDEN releases ‘Healingbow’ and ‘Gateway to the Mysteries’ whilst simultaneously elevating the band into a sphere described by Legends Magazine as ‘dark and richly atmospheric – set of songs concerning the disappointment of love gone wrong. Reminiscent of ‘The Crow’ soundtrack yet uniquely EDEN, Fire & Rain demonstrates the band should not be categorised for any one sound prevalent within the Goth movement… as they have mastered them all’. Haunting eastern tinged instrumentals combine with classic ballads spearheaded by ‘The Darkness in Me’ – a track subsequently performed live on Australian Countdown Revolution. AllMusic reviews describe the album as ‘a less eclectic but no less intriguing sonic palette, extending the goth/psych tendencies of Bowley’s particular muse to their logical conclusions. Bowley’s singing remains a definite high point of the group, passionate and evocative, his electric guitar work striking’.
EDEN have become aware in recent weeks that demand for previous albums has resulted in a slew of unauthorised digital copies appearing via YouTube and other unofficial channels who are selling EDEN work in violation of artist copyright. Whilst dealing with this internally we felt it fair to our supporters to offer a genuine means of purchasing EDEN material. All sale funds will be channelled into production of the new album to be released in June 2017.
IN THANKS for your support the digital release includes the studio recording of a track written for, but not included, on the original. ‘Darkening Skies’ briefly appeared on the rare sought after limited edition album ‘Earthbound’ but has remained unavailable until this day.Eden re-formed and commenced performances in Australia in 2015. In January 2017 the band enter the recording studio once more to record an LP of new material scheduled for release in June 2017 at Wave Gotik Treffen, Leipzig. Re-release of a selection of the Eden discography is also scheduled for 2017.

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